Get your body ready for winter.

The fun summer is over and winter is quickly approaching.
The change of seasons is a time of great strain on the body.
It also requires preparation to stay healthy through the harsh winter.

In winter, when the weather is cold and daylight hours are short, the body is cold, blood flow is poor, muscles are stiff, and the immune system is weakened.
This leads to poor circulation, headaches, dizziness, joint pain, and the slightest injury.
It is also a time when the extremities of the body are cold and prone to insomnia and loss of appetite.

The body needs to be prepared for these preventative measures.
Acupuncture is a preventive method that helps in this preparation.

Acupuncture corrects the body’s functions, improves circulation, and boosts the immune system.
And moxibustion together with acupuncture warms the body, amplifying and maintaining the effects of acupuncture treatment.

By preparing the body and performing preventive treatment in this way, the body can be made resistant to colds and colds.