Let’s all aim to make a lovely body

Our concept is “Let's all aim to make your lovely body”
The human body is so wonderful. Because if the mood changes the body will change, if the body changes the mood will change.
When you feel happy your health is good, but when you feel depressed your health condition is poor.
Sickness and health start with the mind.
It is important to understand your own body and to keep prevention in mind to prevent physical and mental disorders for your happy life.
We will support you with acupuncture treatment so that you can continue to love yourself.

Our basic medical care is to prevent physical problems and diseases, and to improve the quality of life(QOL), to live a healthy life, and we provide medical support together with patients.

  • WomanSupport for symptoms of gynecology, menopause, Infertility treatment, diseases specific to women make use of my experience working in obstetrics and gynecology hospitals.
  • MenSupport for pain relief and prevent physical and mental disorders make use of experience in orthopedic surgery hospitals.
  • SeniorSupport for reducing chronic pain, illness and discomfort and how to live a long time with disease.


I am Mariko Yamazaki.

I have been practicing as an acupuncturist, moxibustion and massager for over 12 years and have seen about 20,000 patients in Japan.

I have treated infertility treatment, morning sickness, treatment of breech baby, labor induction, postpartum care, menopause, Dysautonomia, elderly health care( scoliosis, OA, etc..), be paralyzed after cerebral infarction, aftereffects of cancer, and many other fields of treatment.

Oriental medicine tells us how to live a long and healthy life.
In order to enjoy and be happy every day now and in the future with a healthy body and mind, we can use acupuncture points to improve the flow and balance of the body, strengthen self- protection and make it less prone to illness.
We use all our knowledge of acupuncture to support you in improving your quality of life.


Mariko Yamazaki
National license
Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Massage therapist, Judo therapist
Kompo Acupuncture Association Nagoya branch
  • ・Graduated from the Judo Therapy Department in March 2009
  • ・Graduated from the Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Massage Therapy Department of Chuwa Medical College in March 2011
  • ・Studied basic to advanced acupuncture and moxibustion at Kiyosu Acupuncture and Moxibustion clinic in 2011 to 2022
  • ・Joined the Nagoya branch of the Kampo Acupuncture Association in 2011 to Present
  • ・Experienced as a Judo therapist at Moriya orthopedic hospital
  • ・Experienced as an Acupuncture and Moxibustion therapist at Maternity and gynecology of Bell clinic
  • ・After graduated, practiced as acupuncture and moxibustion clinic hug in Nagoya in 2011 to 2022


Acupuncture clinic Hug
Mariko Yamazaki
Regular holiday
Treatment content
・Acupuncture and Moxibustion
・Facial and body treatment (Acupuncture and Moxibustion)
・Shiatsu massage
・Kids acupuncture
Available for 1car


  • Custom
    -made treatment to enhance self -
    healing power.

    Acupuncture clinic Hug uses the same theory as Kampo herbal medicine to consider the customer’s symptoms and provide treatment.
    The treatment is custom - made to suit each customer’s individual symptoms.

  • Relax in a private salon
    with full appointments.

    Our clinic is by appointment only , so that you cannot just pop in for a treatment.
    As a private salon and with a generous treatment time between clients, you can receive treatment without worrying about other clients.

  • We can provide treatment
    for men as well as women.

    Our clinic is open to women, such as those understanding fertility treatment, but men can also receive treatment.
    If you are experiencing physical fatigue such as headaches, stiff shoulders and eye strain, we hope you will visit our clinic after work.

  • We will suggest a treatment plan
    that suits your physical condition.

    At Acupuncture Hug, treatment is tailored to each patient's individual body.
    We can plan a treatment plan that suits you, and provide you with a safe and comfortable treatment without any pressure.
    Oriental medicine is not a coping therapy, but a fundamental treatment of a disorder.
    You will feel an improvement in your body from the moment you start acupuncture treatment.