The story of one client

She came with headache and shoulder stiffness as main complaints to my practice.

When I was checking her belly, I touched something weird, and I asked her what it was.

She said it’s “uterine myoma”.

I thought it was too big for uterine myoma. So I asked her about period pains, bleeding volume and had been to hospital but she said she has a bit of period pain and went to see a doctor last year.

Anyway, I treated her blood flow and reliefed shoulder stiffness, she had slept during a massage.

After treatment, I explained to her to need to see the doctor soon to check your myoma again.


She had an operation 2 weeks ago to remove her myoma. I saw the picture of 600g myoma. It was too big.

But I’m glad she went to the hospital. I would say when you feel something weird but not sure if you should go to the hospital or not, I would love to help you. If you have an organic disease, acupuncture will definitely help to prevent your disease from getting worse and to better your blood and hormones flow.